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LUSTRE Fetish Nights

Extract of the 14 min video

« The title, Lustre, illustrates the four meanings of the word: In French, 1. The radiance of a shiny object. 2. A coating to polish fabrics, skins. 3. A glass pendant on a chandelier. In English, 4. Lust.Thus, the photographs illustrate worldliness, the brilliance of clothing, artificial light, and desire. The project is a dream-voyage through international scenes of nightlife. »

Gérard Musy

« In eighteenth-century French art, as laid down in the decorous brushstrokes of a Fragonard or a Watteau, “nothing mattered more than the turn of a phrase that put glitter on a platitude of love.” For the twentieth-century artist Gérard Musy, the language of photography offers up its own eloquent syntax, its own potential for glittering turns of phrase. Now the sparkle emanates from leather and latex, chain and whip, and is captured and sealed in the silver of Musy’s photographic prints. »

William A. Ewing